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Socks for All Ages


April 13, 2014 by Tiffany Lambert


I never realized the true importance of comfortable and functional essential garments, such as socks, until I became a parent. It is amazing how the differences in a sock’s make and style can affect little feet! Having a four-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl, I have experienced the trial and error of sock purchases (and returns) and believe that now, I have the process down to a science. Hopefully I can save future parents some grief! With the Essential Sale in full swing, this is the best time to stock up on all those socks, underwear, and undergarments that your child will need for a fun-filled summer. 0 – 12 months The littlest feet of all are incredibly hard to find socks for that will Stay …
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Design Your Own PO.P Print Contest Winners!


March 24, 2014 by Lauren Donnelly

Design Your Own Print Winner

We just concluded our 1st  Design Your Own Print Contest and these winners could be one of our very own PO.P print designers with their creativity! Our grand prize was a $150 gift card, our second place won a $75 gift card, and our third place winner won a $50 gift card. Our first place winner was this lovely print filled with vegetables to help motivate little ones to try one vegetable each week by Jen from Iowa! Jen and her daughter had a lot of fun designing their print. The first time Jen heard about Polarn O. Pyret was in 2009. “I was shopping in Cambridge, England and I wandered into your store there. I was immediately in love with the bright colors and …
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Name Our Prints Contest Winners!


March 20, 2014 by Lauren Donnelly


As always we had so much fun with our “Name Our Prints” contest this spring. Once again, we asked customers to help us name our spring prints. We had some very creative and thoughtful names for this season’s contest and we enjoyed reading through them all. It was hard to pick the best ones. Our winners for the four spring prints starting with print #1 was Miranda with ‘Heartfelt Love’, Print #2 by Paula with ‘Lively Lollies, Print #3 by Andrea with ‘Classic Vroom’, and print #4 won by Mike with the name ‘Gronster’ — think little green monsters! These winners will win an item from the collection they have helped us name! Thank you to all who entered! Be sure to help us name …
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Interview with Karina


March 9, 2014 by Tiffany Lambert


At Polarn O. Pyret we thoroughly enjoy dressing your lovely babies in comfort and style! We wouldn’t be able to so without such a wonderful design department behind the scenes in Stockholm. Following we have an interview with our lead designer,  Karina Lundell, on what guides us as a brand when we design clothes for your newborns! Overall, our goal is for the clothes to be practical and functional, have a long life to them (allowing them to be inherited and even sold on the second hand market) while also being soft, comfortable, and fun! We pay particular attention to the following details: No buttons on the back – Nothing hard or uncomfortable presses against the child’s soft skin. Extra soft seams – The fabric …
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Make Your Own Monster!


January 27, 2014 by Tiffany Lambert


Making your own monster using some stuff that you probably already have at home is easy. What you need: Toilet paper tubes Coloured paper Printer Scissors Glue stick Tape This is what you do: 1. You can use our monster template if you want to. Download the template here! 2. Print out the template 3. Tape the template on the coloured paper and cut around it. 4. Paste your monster onto the toilet paper tube. 5. Draw or paste on funny eyes and teeth. Finished!

Name our Spring Prints!


January 20, 2014 by Linda Kerr


This has certainly become a favorite event for our customers, and we’re excited to announce the new spring prints are in stock! We’re asking you to once again help us Name Our Prints. This past fall our staff had a great time reading through all your (and your kids’) creative print names. We are excited for another round of entries and will definitely make this a tradition each season. Help us name the following prints and you could win an item from that collection. Our Limited Edition prints are cherished in Scandinavia each year, and we hope our American customers will fall in love with the bold colors and Swedish-inspired landscape patterns and playful front prints. Each season you’ll find Ts, leggings, underwear and socks …
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A Holiday Recap on Instagram


December 28, 2013 by Tiffany Lambert


The holidays can be the most joyful, and frenzied time of year! That’s why we are pausing for a instant to remember the greatest holiday Instagram moments at PO.P. Dashing Through the Snow! PO.P Outerwear makes the Star Tribune in style! “Love the hang tags!” comments Castine3. PO.P Finland knows how to deck the halls. When the snow hits hard the Swedes like to say, “No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!” “Oooo! Wish there was a navy blue striped nightgown for me in there.” Says Debsasassykins.



December 27, 2013 by Tiffany Lambert


Our collections come in new colors every year and we know a lot of you out there can’t wait to catch a glimpse of our spring styles and textiles. So here’s a sneak preview just for you. News! The plain-colored shell jacket will be available in a new closer-fitting style and a softer material. You and your child are sure to find new favorites! Please note that these garments will go on sale in our stores in Mid- February at the earliest.

One Hungry Mama Makes a Pie


November 23, 2013 by popkid


By Stacie Billis, One Hungry Mama Baking with kids is a holiday tradition for many families—but, sometimes, the reality isn’t as much fun as the idea of it. The mess and stress of baking with kids can take away the fun, so being prepared is a must. Depending on your child’s age, prepping just a few things ahead of time can make all the difference and bring joy back to a family tradition. One of my favorite things to make ahead is pie dough. When it’s time to get in the kitchen to make Thanksgiving pies with my kids, I pull out one or two rounds for “serious” pie making, and another one that my littlest can play with. My older son and I get …
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Not in Our Demin!


November 8, 2013 by Linda Kerr


Jeans made of durable cotton garments are in most families, perfect for slow, climbing and playing. But the clothes also contain chemicals that are far from child-friendly shows Testfakta, a Swedish garment testing company. Nine out of ten children jeans contain chemicals, shows the Testfakta test, but not Polarn O. Pyret jeans. In particular, the environment takes a beating when toxic substances flow into the wash water. In an analysis of ten pair of jeans for children from different European brands, it appears that three pairs containing the hazardous substance nonylphenol (NPE), which is very toxic to aquatic organisms, and has also been shown to disrupt the natural balance of hormones. NPE is already prohibited in Europe, and the Swedish Chemicals Agency is currently lobbying …
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