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July 24, 2015 by Polarn O. Pyret

swedish premium denim

In the beginning, the people who used jeans were miners and cowboys – today they are more or less in everybody’s wardrobe, especially small tree climbers and adventurers!

Polarn O. Pyret has five fits for all possible and impossible types of activities. Select the fit based on the type of activity –

  • Skinny fit with lots of stretch is good for tree climbing to prevent getting caught in the branches.
  • Loose fit might be a good alternative for a disco party.

Then there is naturally the matter of taste and preference! Most important is that children get to be children – in the right jeans for all activities.

  • SKINNY- Our most slender pants with lots of stretch.
  • SLIM- Very slender in the leg with lots of stretch to ensure free movement.
  • REGULAR- Straight leg with a fit between Slim and Relaxed.
  • RELAXED- Slightly looser fit.
  • LOOSE- Out loosest fit.
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    Jeans fit

    If jeans are well cared for, they will be a great longtime friend that only gets more attractive and softer over time. Always follow the washing instructions!

    Jean details


    • Always read the washing instructions labeled on the inside of the jeans.
    • Empty all of the pockets.
    • When washing jeans, remember to turn them inside out to prevent stripes from forming in the folds while washing.
    • Always wash jeans with similar colors; this is especially important the darker they are.
    • Wash your jeans with a laundry detergent that does not contain bleach, and do not use fabric softener – doing so can negatively affect the elasticity of the jeans.
    • Remove the jeans immediately when the washing cycle is complete. Turn the jeans right side out and stretch out the legs.
    • Hang them up to air dry. Do not dry them in the dryer because doing so may cause them to lose their shape.

    Did you know that:

    No one pair of jeans has the same shade as any other? This is because there are natural variations in how colour adheres when the jeans are dyed and because the fabric is sandpapered by hand to make it look worn. This is part of the charm of denim – no one pair of jeans is like any other.

    Jeans are dyed with indigo, which fades and disappears over time. Even if this is primarily the case with dark jeans, it is also true of lighter-coloured jeans. Be careful so that the colour in the jeans does not rub off on lighter-coloured clothing and furniture.


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