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October, 2013

  1. Make Every Day a Play Day


    October 22, 2013 by Linda Kerr

    You are invited to play! We are gearing up for the fall weather at Polarn O. Pyret, and we’d like to invite you to play in our 5th Every Day a Play Day week! Twice a year, we challenge parents to get their kids outside to play for an entire week. Every day. That can include walking to school, meeting friends at a playground or taking a walk through a nearby park. The goal is to get families out enjoying the outdoors no matter what the weather. We are keeping it simple this year. We have two ways for you to participate. 1) Go outside and play! Then post your photos to Instagram, but don’t forget to tag them #popoutside. We’ll be playing with you …
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  2. I Wanna Be A Robot!


    October 18, 2013 by Polarn O. Pyret

    What do you do when you hear those sweet words come out of your little ones mouth, “I wanna be a robot for Halloween!”

    All I could find in the party depot and Halloween sections of the department store were super heros and princesses, so it looked like, it was time to get creative! My son loves a good art project with the best of them, so it wasn’t hard to get him enthused about rummaging through the recycling bin and taking a trip to Home Depot for a few supplies to make our own Do-It-Yourself Robot.

  3. Waterproof, Ready for Play


    October 16, 2013 by Linda Kerr

    If you want to make the world’s best childrenswear, you have to set the bar high. Which is why we have tested every single detail in our products and how they perform using real life test pilots!

    We believe that children should be able to play outdoors in any weather, and we design children’s coats, jackets, snowsuits, waterproof pants, hats and gloves accordingly.

    Children from three preschools tested this season’s outerwear and told us exactly what worked and what didn’t. And they were ruthless. We only sell those products they approved, nothing else.

  4. Symbols for Weather Protection


    October 11, 2013 by Linda Kerr

    We label our clothes with clear symbols that show the properties of each item. Which helps you choose clothes to suit the weather, activity and child.

    A mini philosopher who strolls around thinking needs more warmth than a wild child who races around and climbs on everything.


  5. The Clog Lady


    October 7, 2013 by Linda Kerr

    We want to introduce you to Cecilia Tidlund, the clog lady. She brought clogs to the U.S. from Sweden long before clogs were, well, cool and mainstream. She began her company Clogmaster fitting the perfect shoe work shoe for nurses, doctors and chefs. Little did she know that clogs would be become popular for anyone wanting comfort. She’ll be joining us in Chicago for our Sample and Warehouse Sale to fit your feet and your children’s for the perfect shoe.

  6. Cinnamon Bun Day


    October 3, 2013 by Linda Kerr

    Traditions are fun, especially when they involve food. Tomorrow is Cinnamon Bun Day in Sweden. We’re sure the thought of “cinnamony” warm pastries just makes you want to find the closet bakery and indulge. If you’re not lucky enough to live near a bakery that sells Swedish cinnamon buns, we have a few recipes that we’re sure will warm your heart and belly. Live near a Polarn O. Pyret store? Tomorrow we’ll be serving cinnamon buns and coffee in the morning to celebrate the day.

    Swedish-Cinnamon-Buns_6 Photo by: Donal Skehan