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September, 2015

  1. Oyster Shells Are Eco Friendly!


    September 25, 2015 by Polarn O. Pyret

    Is it possible to make plastic bags from oyster shells? Yes, it is possible – at least partially. After a great deal of searching, Swedish and Canadian researchers have found a way to make granular powder from oyster shells. By blending 25% granular powder from oysters with 75% recycled plastic, a plastic mixture called Trio Biomarine is produced. Oysters are fantastic animals that positively affect water quality since they ventilate and clean the water. The oyster shells used to make the plastic bags are a residual product from the food industry. The shells are washed and crushed at very high temperatures to clean them completely. The shells are then turned into granular powder and finally plastic. Polarn O. Pyret will now gradually start using Trio …
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  2. Swedish Day Care Philosophy


    September 21, 2015 by Jenny Lonnstam

    It’s a crisp November morning in Sweden, the daily song and dance hour has almost come to an end at “Förskolan Solen” (Daycare Sun). 15 children and 3 teachers finish a nutritious fruit snack before heading outside to 20º F and a thin layer of white powdery snow on the ground. Children begin to pair into small groups, while teachers escort kids to their cubbies. Every child has their own little area with hooks, shelves and drawers where they keep all their clothing. Properly hung, folded and name-labeled. Learning to dress for weather is a very important lesson for the day. The first layer of clothing applied is soft, comfortable play clothes, followed by a base layer of Merino Wool. The second layer a set …
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