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June, 2016

  1. Rainbow Project: Alyse Scholl


    June 24, 2016 by Polarn O. Pyret

    Felicity was born with Down Syndrome and her mom Alyse shares the positive experience of having a child with special needs.  ALYSE SCHOLL (@flicks_on_fleek) Have you experienced any benefits/positive experiences because of Felicity’s diagnosis? Having a child is a complete positive experience and has made me a better person, even more so because of her special needs.  What is your favorite alone time treat, to recharge your batteries? I recharge by reading or just having alone time. Whether it be watching a favorite show by myself or shopping at the store. Mostly though I miss Felicity if I’m gone. What advice would you give to people who have a loved one with a similar diagnosis to Felicity? My advice for anyone who receives a diagnosis …
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  2. Rainbow Project


    June 17, 2016 by Polarn O. Pyret

    The love a parent has for their children is unconditional, it surpasses color, preference, capabilities, and disease. In support of Childhood, Polarn O. Pyret is dedicated to giving $1 for each item bought from our display of unconditional love – the Rainbow Collection. Some of our fans have been kind enough to share their stories of unconditional love, feel free to share yours as well! ALYSE SCHOLL (@flicks_on_fleek) MELISSA KVITKO (@mmkvitko) DANNY (@Danny120378) CHRISTINA (@FIFIANDMO)



    June 7, 2016 by Polarn O. Pyret

    How do our designers get inspiration? Prior to each new season, the design department goes on an inspirational journey, which is generally an excellent way of getting started on a new collection. The journey includes many new impressions that set off the imagination and ideas. We generally all begin to feel how our fingers start to itch, and we cannot wait to get home and start designing the new collection. We look for new trends in terms of colors, function, styles and prints. London, Paris and Antwerp This time we were away for three days and visited London, Paris and Antwerp. We find our inspiration in fashion, interior design, art – really in anything at all. Those of who go on the journey have slightly …
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