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February, 2019

  1. Preschool Guide


    February 13, 2019 by Katie Lawter

    Clothes for Outdoor Play Our checklist for outerwear contains practical layers and accessories to match, for playful days in any weather. Rainwear is also included because of its low-maintenance, which is always handy at preschool. Remember: when the winter cold hits you just need to change your shell garments for padded ones and the polyester thermals to wool. And you can feel safe knowing that our clothes hold up in all conditions, season after season. Don’t forget to write their name on our specially designed tags with space for labeling! Outerwear checklist  Shell jacket Fleece jacket Shell trousers Rain jacket + trousers Shell gloves Gloves Mitten clips Hat Thermal top + leggings Wool socks Wellies Extra Clothes Your child’s preschool will want you to provide …
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