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25 for Outside


April 10, 2013 by PO.P Press

We are re-posting this fantastic list from Tales of a Mountain Family that we hope will inspire you to get outside this week. Don’t forget to tell us what you did outside this week for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate from Polarn O. Pyret.


Top 25 Ways to Spend Time Outside:

  1. Go on a family bike ride. Anything with wheels counts. Use wagons, tricycles, balance bikes, pedal bikes and bike trailers.
  2. Make mud pies. Use old dishes or sand box toys.
  3. Hit up the local playground. Swing, slide,
  4. Go for a hike or walk (whatever you want to call it)
  5. Eat lunch (or breakfast or dinner) outside!
  6. Do household chores as a family and make them fun – cut firewood, rake the grass, pick up sticks, gather up and throw away the left over dog poo.
  7. Walk to get the mail.
  8. Throw a ball for the dog (or a friends’ dog!)
  9. Do a nature scavenger hunt (ex: find 2 rocks, 3 pinecones and 5 old leaves.)
  10. Play in mud puddles
  11. Make a snowman (yep, we’re still getting snow here!)
  12. Check out the wildlife. Look for birds, bison or bees!
  13. Pick flowers
  14. Go out and do nothing. Really. Let the kids lead the exploration.
  15. Throw a ball around
  16. Jump on a trampoline
  17. Make a fort and play house
  18. Play croquet or bocce ball
  19. Hang a string between two trees and hit a balloon back and forth (hang it low for the little ones or high for the big people…or do both!) <– not a good idea for a windy day!
  20. Fly a kite!
  21. Do cartwheels or somersaults in the grass, in the snow, down a hill, up a hill, etc.
  22. Walk the dog
  23. Dance in the rain (or snow….)
  24. Turn on some tunes and dance, dance, dance.
  25. Draw with sidewalk chalk


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