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August 13, 2019 by Katie Lawter

Wool – nature’s super material!

Even if it’s freezing outdoors, your child will perspire when they run around playing. It’s important that this moisture gets wicked away from their body, or they will soon start feeling unpleasantly damp and chilly. Yet obviously you want their clothes to keep them warm in wintery weather.

The solution is a material that keeps their body warm and dry. This is why we recommend a wool base layer. Wool is nature’s super material, as it keeps the body really warm – even if it gets wet – yet still breathes, so moisture gets wicked away from the body. Wool is also especially good for newborn babies and infants, who haven’t yet developed the same ability to regulate their body temperature as older children and adults.

Wool keeps the body really warm — even if it gets wet

Many people mistakenly believe that wool is itchy and uncomfortable, but our wool base layers are made of soft and completely non-itchy Merino wool.

What’s more, wool is also naturally self-cleaning! So you won’t need to wash clothes made of wool as frequently and you’ll often find that simply airing them does the trick.

Wool as layer 1 and 2
We have both wool as layers 1 items which lay directly on the skin and wick up any moisture.  As well as layer 2 items, which are a thicker woolen material, giving even more warmth than plain wool.

Wool or polyester?
Wool is a natural material that has the properties needed for outdoor play and lots of activity. When wool gets moist, it still keeps the body warm. Polyester is a cheaper alternative to wool and does not have the same breathability or ability to stay warm when wet.


Always mulesing-free
We want all animals to be well-treated and do not see why any animal should have to suffer in order for us to make our clothes. This is why we have a zero tolerance for mulesing and we prioritise purchasing wool from countries with no mulesing. Whenever we buy merino wool from Australia, we always require a certificate that mulesing has not been a part of wool production. We also never use wool from Angora rabbits. The wool we use in our 2017 Winter Collection comes from Australia.

Our clothes in merino wool are Superwash-treated. Superwash is a patented process that makes the wool machine-washable without felting. This treatment is carried out in different ways: we use a process in which the wool fibres are given an acid bath to remove their scales (which would otherwise cause the wool to felt in the washing machine). This method means there is no need to add any plastic during the treatment, which is necessary with other methods.


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