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Back to School Organization


August 21, 2013 by PO.P Press

As the summer begins to wind down and Back-School-Sales launch, we know parents begin to either dread or look forward to the fall-clothing clean out. Looking at the overflowing drawers of camp shirts, jeans and sweatshirts your kids are trying to wear even though it’s still 90 degrees outside, sooner or later, you’ll need to do an assessment of what they have, what they need and what needs to go.
This process doesn’t need to be frustrating and can often be fun and one that involves kids. Depending on the age of your children, involve them in the process or at least some of it.

Here are our recommendations for getting your kid’s closet school ready to take advantage of the end of summer sales.

1) Don’t delay, just do it. This is not one of those chores to drag out over days or weeks. Pick a rainy or hot afternoon and just start and complete the task. We find it easier if you just empty out everything in the drawers. Yes, everything so you can actually see everything he or she has. Buried shirts are great finds, but why have them if they’re just buried under everything. Dig down to the bottom of the drawer.

2) Fashion show. Have your son or daughter try on anything that is questionable. That hoodie that they loved in April may not fit anymore and that light-weight long-sleeve T-shirt that is would be great in early fall may now be too short.

3) Consultation. Before you keep something, ask your child if he or she still plans to wear the item. Many times, that shirt on the bottom of the drawer is there for a reason. If they don’t plan to ever wear it, pass it along to someone who will. No need to bulk up the drawers or closet with clothing that won’t get worn.

4) Sorting. After your kids have completed the fashion show and provided counsel on their clothing preferences, it’s time to get organized. We recommend four piles or bins for your clothes. The first is “keep and love and wear all the time.” The second is “hand me downs to the next child.” The third is “loved and worn, but it’s time for someone else to wear.” The last is, “so worn down that no one will wear.”

Now you have a more manageable amount of clothing to work with. Organize the clothes you’ll keep back into the drawers and closet. Store the hand-me-downs or hang them up in the next child’s closet. Those items that still have lots of wear in them, can be sent off to thredUP, pass down to neighbors or consigned. For clothes that you’re certain no one will wear, please don’t throw away. Give them to an organization that will recycle the clothing. Places like Goodwill will sell to textile recyclers so that very little ends up in landfills.


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