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Beach Ready!


June 7, 2017 by Polarn O. Pyret

Getting that all essential beach bag geared up with all the essentials can be cumbersome. And forgetting key items, can be a painful experience for all family members involved! We’ve put together a checklist of everything PO.P plus more, that you will need for that grand excursion to the beach. Whether is be a well planned vacation, or just a evening break from the chaos, we’ve got you covered.

Most importantly, kids sensitive skin needs to be protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays, especially during the prime hours of 11AM to 3PM when the sun’s rays are strongest. Kids should not only be wearing UPF 50+ sunscreen, but also UPF 50 rash guard swimwear so that they are still protected even when the sunscreen washes off.

Sun hats are also an essential beachwear accessory. UPF 50 bucket hats (psst..currently 25% OFF for PO.P+ Members!), and flaphats for babies and toddlers will protect the most sensitive areas behind the neck and shoulders from over heating and burning. All sunhats and caps, ages 0-12 years protect developing eyes from over exposure. Secondly, it’s always difficult to remind kids of how to dress properly for a day at the beach. A breathable cotton cover up layer is most comfortable for before and after swim time.

Here is a helpful beachwear checklist for all your PO.P needs and more:

Rash Guard for all day beach excursions

✔ Swimwear for short swim lessons and pool fun.


Light cotton t-shirts

Light beach shorts

✔ Beach towels

✔ Sunglasses

✔ UPF 50+ Sunscreen

✔ Beach toys

✔ BPA Free water bottle

✔ Plastic bag for wet clothes (though, air drying your swimwear first is best for all swimwear materials. Read more about the care of swimwear here.)


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