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  1. 5 Reasons Camp Rocks


    May 14, 2013 by PO.P Press

    We love camp. We love camp for all the same reasons you loved camp as a kid—adventure in the great outdoors, new friends to write letters to all year long and life-long memories that you still cherish. We talked to our staff and reflected on our own camp experiences. Together we came up with our Top 5 Reasons Summer Camp Rocks!

  2. Rash Guards


    April 24, 2013 by PO.P Press

    07_bad1_0151Whether you’re heading to the beach this summer or hanging out at swim team practice, the sun will inevitably find you and your child. Obviously, depending on skin type, kids can spend different (yet still small) amounts of time out in the sun unprotected to soak up Vitamin D, but if you’re planning to be in the water for more than a few minutes, you’ll need sun protection. We have several options to help protect your children from the sun’s harmful rays.

  3. Honest. Outdoor. Fun


    March 27, 2013 by PO.P Press

    honest-outdoor-fun-kit-zoom The Honest Company, one of our Best PO.P Partners this year, just come out with their Outdoor Fun Collection that protects the kids from the elements so they’re free to explore.

  4. Ready for Camp


    March 21, 2013 by PO.P Press

    T Camp
    The camp experience isn’t limited to overnight camps. Kids can begin experiencing camp life (hiking, creeking, camp songs, games) as early as age 3. Even for the preschoolers, camps can do something school cannot. It gives kids a much-less-structured place to learn and play. If your kids are in preschool and they get used to the routine of getting up and going off to school, no matter how many days a week, the summer break can be a battle after a few weeks of nothing.

  5. PO.P Goes to Camp


    March 12, 2013 by PO.P Press

    Children today often do not have enough opportunities to play, explore and take risks like past generations. Summer camp, whether it’s overnight camp or day camp, provides children with a chance to explore the world and take risks in a controlled and nurturing setting. Kids can develop independence and experience things that they may not be able to experience at home. As you get your kids ready for camp, be sure to share stories about your camp experiences. Involve them in shopping for camp, and let them help with the packing. Kids should connect with camp by reading through the information, watching the DVD or talking to the counselors ahead of time. Acknowledge the possibility of homesickness and talk about how to deal with that–write …
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