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  1. PO.Pular Parent Interview with Rana Draganja


    July 8, 2014 by Jenny Lonnstam

    We at PO.P have had the privilege to interview one of our beloved brand ambassadors known affectionately as PO.Pular Parents, Rana Draganja. Rana and her family moved to Olso, Norway from New York for her husband’s job and we wanted to get her perspective on living and raising her son in Norway. Rana first found out about PO.P 11 years ago during her first trip to Stockholm and fell in love with the vibrant colors, stripes and quality. PO.P became her favorite children’s store even before she had children of her own. She was finding herself lugging PO.P gifts across the Atlantic. Rana became a brand ambassador after PO.P’s president for the USA, Jennifer Athanason, met her husband, a Swede, and heard that their son was …
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