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Classic Stripes for the Holiday Card!


November 20, 2014 by Jenny Lonnstam

Photo credit: Torrey Swan

Photo credit: Torrey Swan

It’s rare to get a piece of personalized mail these days, but I will never forget my first Winter Holiday in the US with my husband. Every day our mailbox would overflow with fun festive Christmas cards from friends, family and even just acquaintances. All with beautiful pictures and joyful happy wishes. I was amazed and loved it! The following year I wrote personalized Christmas cards to every single person I knew. However, I felt like something was missing.

Soon our beloved dog Mally would join the family and shortly after our beautiful son August. Now I was GAME, I couldn’t wait for November and the Christmas card photo shoot!

Truth is- it took me three days to get the photo I was envisioning. Call me crazy, but man I was one HAPPY Mama when the cards arrived at my doorstep. I’ve never been so excited to write 150 addresses by hand. However, again, I still felt like something was missing…

Finally with the arrival of our beautiful daughter Astrid this year, PO.P have sparked a new family tradition. Every year we will get our Poppy Classic Stripes on and snap a fun family picture in a new environment. Maybe from the beach vacation or maybe at the Zoo. How fun will it be to look back and see the kids grow year by year in the same clothes and remember that special day and trip. The stripes are so great because they can be worn ALL year-round and come in sizes newborn to adult.

I love to spread some joy during the busy holiday season and to remind friends they are in our mind even though life is crazy busy and even though many of them live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
I absolutely adore this US tradition which has woken up a Christmas card monster in me.


  1. Katarina says:

    This is such a great idea. You definitely woke up that Christmas card monster in me too!

  2. Diane Peterson says:

    I LOVE the stipes. What a PRECIOUS picture!!!!
    It will make a GREAT Christmas card….

  3. Anna says:

    You look so striped and cute, hope to see more americans dressed like swedes =o)

    With love from Sweden

  4. gina says:

    Oh, I love these PJ’s! Adorable and I would love to have my entire family in these, too! So cute.

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