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January 4, 2017 by Polarn O. Pyret

top_banner_7How is a piece of clothing actually created? What is the process beforehand?
Designer Susan has the answers to these questions as well as a few more!

Everything begins with a discussion regarding which print the garment is to have. Our print designers then draw it. Together the designers consider different color schemes and then decide which ones will be on the prints for the garments. When this has been done, an original is sent to the supplier for a print trial on fabric.

Testing is the next step.
The supplier sends garments in accordance with the instructions on the garment sketch and measurement list, and we test them at the head office. The design assistant and pattern maker check the fit and make sure that the supplier has understood our sewing instructions. The pattern has not been printed on the fabric at this stage, so the garment can come in all sorts of prints and colors. Fabric that the supplier currently has on hand is used.

At this point, a print trial on the fabric will have arrived. We check to make sure the print has the right size and color. We examine the colors against our color reference in a light cabinet. If the colors deviate, the supplier is responsible for improving them and sending new samples. We naturally want the entire collection to match.

When we have approved the print, the fabric’s quality and the garment’s fit, production can commence. At this stage, the garment generally arrives as it is meant to be so that we can have a look at the end result before the factory begins sewing our entire order. This gives us a final opportunity to make any improvements. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have children available to test our samples!


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