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Denim: Back to School Staple


August 12, 2013 by PO.P Press

Each year as parents hit the shops for back to school clothing, we buy everything from socks to the latest fad. (We are parents here at Polarn O. Pyret, too, so we understand.)

Our very unofficial market research tells us there are three items that you will most likely purchase for the new school year. Let us know if we got it right!

1) Shoes! Obviously. Your kids have grown, and if they haven’t outgrown their shoes, we bet they are dirty and probably a little smelly.

2) That first new long-sleeve top. Back to School also means the anticipation of cooler temps. We bet you’ll purchase at least one new long-sleeve item, even if it’s just a hoodie, as part of the excitement of Halloween decorations migrating to the shelves.

3) Denim. Unless your kids are in school uniforms, we know jeans are a must have. Somewhere, somehow the ones from last year are too small. Perhaps there are even a few holes in the knees, which is only a sign of a healthy kid, as far as we’re concerned.


Now that it’s obvious you need to stock up on jeans, we invite you to explore ours at PO.P. This fall we have added three new washes to our various fits in the collection for a cooler look. Now our Regular, Slim Fit and Ribbed Waist Jeans come in three new shades of blue.

While having a choice of styles and color is great for kids who need to have a say in their clothing, we know that jeans are also practicality. Here are a few reasons why our customers say they love our denim:

  • The same pair of jeans purchased for a boy can be passed down to a girl once he has outgrown them. Yes, boys and girls can wear the same pair of jeans.
  • All waists have adjustable waists which means they have a long life span as my child grows.
  • The adjustable waist mixed with our skinny jean fit means your tall, thin kids have a great back-to-school option.
  • Super soft cotton makes the denim comfy for kids to wear and still durable to run, play and have fun.
  • Jeans for babies, toddlers and younger kids are available with an elastic waist making it easy to get the jeans off and on. Think potty training!!
  • Durability is always a priority and many customers say PO.P jeans outlast the season and can be reworn or passed down for the next.

Do you own PO.P jeans? Tell us why you keep coming back to make a purchase.


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