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Design Your Own PO.P Print Contest Winners!


March 24, 2014 by Jenny Lonnstam

We just concluded our 1st  Design Your Own Print Contest and these winners could be one of our very own PO.P print designers with their creativity! Our grand prize was a $150 gift card, our second place won a $75 gift card, and our third place winner won a $50 gift card.

1st placeOur first place winner was this lovely print filled with vegetables to help motivate little ones to try one vegetable each week by Jen from Iowa! Jen and her daughter had a lot of fun designing their print. The first time Jen heard about Polarn O. Pyret was in 2009. “I was shopping in Cambridge, England and I wandered into your store there. I was immediately in love with the bright colors and soft fabrics. I eventually found that I could order Polarn O. Pyret on your USA website. I love so many things about your brand! I love that the clothes last through all three of my kids (two girls and one boy) wearing them. I love that they are unique and have a youthful and fun style. Your prints are amazing! I love that they are made to be comfortable for children. The high quality fabric and construction of Polarn O. Pyret clothes is probably my favorite aspect, especially when it comes to outerwear.”

2nd placeIn second place was a colorful remake of one of our prints by Marina from Brooklyn! Marina thinks the best things about our brand, is our great quality, our great base layers made from merino wool, and our weatherproof outerwear.



3rd placeOur third place winner’s print looks delicious filled with PO.Psicles by Tierney from NorthVille, Illinois! Tierney’s mom, Sheila says she first fell in love with PO.P after finding a “Golden Ticket” in a box on ThredUp and received a Gift Card to PO.P. “I have 5 kids, so having good quality and gender neutral pieces was very appealing to me. Then I fell in love with the Scandinavian stripes and designs. Now my kids have tons of PO.P!  We all love it.”

We loved all the prints entered into our contest. We hope you join us in the Fall for another Design Your Own PO.P Print Contest! Get creating, you could be our next winner!


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