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June 7, 2016 by Polarn O. Pyret


How do our designers get inspiration?

Prior to each new season, the design department goes on an inspirational journey, which is generally an excellent way of getting started on a new collection. The journey includes many new impressions that set off the imagination and ideas. We generally all begin to feel how our fingers start to itch, and we cannot wait to get home and start designing the new collection. We look for new trends in terms of colors, function, styles and prints.

London, Paris and Antwerp
This time we were away for three days and visited London, Paris and Antwerp. We find our inspiration in fashion, interior design, art – really in anything at all. Those of who go on the journey have slightly different roles and consequently focus on slightly different things. Our designer who makes woven pants perhaps focuses entirely on denim washes and cool edge stitching, while our print designers might be mostly inspired by a certain painting at an art museum.

Before we leave on the journey, we decide on the colours and themes we believe we want to work with, but frequently make both major and minor adjustments when we get back home. We use the elements that inspired us and transform them into something that is PO.P-like.



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