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For the Birds


February 6, 2013 by PO.P Press

By Beth Grushkin, Fuzzymama Vintage
popblog1Like much of the country, we have been having our share of bizarre weather in Chicago. It went from 65 degrees and raining to 15 with below freezing wind chills all in the span of two days. Our day off school this week happened to fall on one of the coldest days of the month, so we had to get creative with how to make it outside. In general, it does not take much to get my kids outside. I am lucky in that respect. But with the frigid temperatures, I knew our time outside would be short and sweet.
cerealWith a full day ahead of us, I decided to plan an activity to get outside that would first entail some work inside. We spent sometime crafting super easy bird feeders to hang on the trees. We used some wool yarn, “O” shaped cereal, and pretzel rods. I tied the pretzel rods on the end to hold the cereal and wrapped a bit of tape on the end of the yarn to make it easier for little hands to thread on the cereal.
This part could take as long as your kids are interested. Why not make them for your neighbors, too! My boys enjoyed munching on the cereal as they worked.
It took us awhile to get bundled up. We kept on our PJs as our base layer and added wool socks, sweaters, snow pants, jackets, neck warmers, trapper hats(a must for this kind of weather!) and mittens. It was a little hard to handle the delicate cereal strings with our mittens, but we managed to wrap them loosely around some tree branches. Perhaps the birds will use the wool for their nests!
cerealcloseupOnce outside, the boys began making their own fun—making tracks in our dusting of snow, using a frozen bubble wand as a light saber, and their favorite–setting up little scenes around the yard!

Beth lives just outside of Chicago with her husband and two young boys. She divides her time thoughtfully between hanging out with her family and gathering finds for her vintage etsy shop. She is thrilled to begin pursuing her Montessori teaching certificate this Spring. She is also a Polarn O. Pyret Brand Ambassador.


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