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Not for girls. Not for boys.


May 30, 2015 by Polarn O. Pyret

Unisex childrens clothing

Not for girls. Not for boys. We make clothes for children.
It may seem obvious, but our belief that boys and girls have the same needs makes us fairly unique. We want to make the best clothes in the world for children. Who wears what – and in what colors – is up to you. This has been our reasoning since we started making children’s clothing in 1976. It is a matter of not only colors, but perhaps more importantly – also fit.

Our unisex collection (UNI) consists of clothing that is based on situation and function rather than on gender. There is really no reason to design different models and fits for small boys and girls since there is no great difference in the way their bodies are shaped. We have taken an overall approach to unisex clothing, and consider not only color but also pattern and fit. We primarily want to offer children and parents freedom of choice. Each collection is first planned based on the UNI concept, after which we develop clothes that are more gender oriented.

Also, Polarn O. Pyret’s UNI concept embraces a more sustainable approach to children’s clothes. Rather than feed the throw-away culture of disposable fashion, our clothes stay in the family.

Baby Unisex
Child Unisex
Big Kid Unisex

Polarn O. Pyret – Unisex since 1976.


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