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Going On a Bear Hunt


April 5, 2013 by PO.P Press

By Sam Olsson

IMG_0487They are building a new park within walking distance of our house that once complete will have 100 miles of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. The sections close to our home have already opened and include a playground, spray ground and plenty of hiking trails. We have been taking our girls (soon to be 4 and 2) on hikes there for about a year.

While they always enjoy the walks, it is a lot more fun when we are out looking for something. The girls favorite is the bear hunt and We’re gonna catch a big one! We’re going thru the tall grass! We’re going thru the short grass! Hey! Look! There is a little [hairy (moss)] tree.


They even pretend they have a bowl of porridge that they put out for the bears so they will come closer. We have also gone on a bug hunt, a bird hunt and a stick hunt (we bring a few sticks back home to put on the fire). We even went out to look for Rudolph a couple of days before Christmas.

While we have never seen a bear (there are none to be found around here) we have seen plenty of other animals and bugs: Spiders, birds, butterflies, squirrels, bunnies and more. One day we almost got run over by three deer (unfortunately not the day we were looking for Rudolph). One day we got caught in the heavy rain and it was more like a mud slide – but even that is fun and interesting for the girls.


Join us next week as we make Every Day a Play Day. Get your kids outside a little bit each day — rain or shine.


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