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Grandpa and Paulie


May 1, 2013 by PO.P Press

By Melissa Oliveri, Polarn O. Pyret Edina


Grandpa and Paulie in Edina

When meeting someone new, he introduces himself only as “Grandpa” and quickly follows up with “…and this is Paulie.” He gestures toward the tall, handsome teenaged boy whose wheelchair he is lovingly pushing up and down the halls of the Galleria in Edina.

“Paulie can’t see or move much, but he can hear and loves to tell jokes!” Grandpa then launches into a riddle or joke and Paulie’s face progressively lights up until he lets out his tremendous smile in time with the punch line.

For 33 years Grandpa was a minor partner at the Lincoln Dell; a Twin Cities institution that closed several years ago, yet is still widely recognized as the best in its class. He is also a walking encyclopedia when it comes to baseball, avidly reading every book he can get his hands on.

Grandpa and Paulie have been walking the mall (and various other locations around town) for the past decade or so. Grandpa loves to stop in and share an anecdote or recipe from “back in the day.” Many patrons and shopkeepers have watched Paulie grow up and look forward to their visits.

Since Polarn O. Pyret opened in Edina last September, Grandpa and Paulie have been whizzing through the Galleria dressed in our stripes. Paulie loves the softness of our cotton and proudly wears his striped hat decorated with pins he’s collected from other Galleria businesses through the years. Shoppers often stop them in the halls or at the coffee shop to inquire about their outfits. Grandpa is only too happy to elaborate: They are “working, walking models.”

We love when Grandpa and Paulie PO.P in for a visit!

Be sure and join us this weekend for a special grandparent event in our Edina store. We hope Grandpa and Paulie will be there, too.


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