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How dirty is your closet?


January 10, 2020 by Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret has been partnering with online thrift store thredUP since 2010 in an effort to promote sustainable fashion.

Many of our customers sell their kids’ gently worn PO.P clothing on thredUP – some of it already having been worn by 3 children! PO.P & thredUP are working together to fight the throw away economy for apparel. Want a thredUP bag to recycle your gently worn clothing and shoes as well as your kids’ stuff and get credit back to shop with Polarn O. Pyret? Just email us at and we will be happy to send you out a couple bags. It’s an easy and sustainable way to clean out your closets! Please note that thredUP accepts almost any brand.

We here at PO.P have some pretty impressive goals for 2020.

Please take a quick look below – we would love to hear from you with questions and comments! Just ping us on social or via email.

  • As a brand, we have always focused on what is best for children and we always will. This is why we must take care of the Earth where our children will be growing up. The Earth is a hand-me-down; our clothes should be handed down too.
  • We have always made clothes of the highest quality, with the goal of “three children for each garment”. Today, 55% of all our outerwear is passed on to three children or more.

  • Our ambition is to always produce our clothes in the most sustainable way possible, while at the same time meeting our high quality standards. From SS20 all our cotton is organic and at least half is GOTS-certified.
  • The production of clothes requires a lot of resources in the form of raw materials, energy and water, and our common resources are limited. The most important thing we can do – as part of the clothing industry – is to produce less. The development of the clothing industry in recent years, with a constant flow of fast fashion, leads to overproduction and extensive sales. This is true also for us and then we contribute to an unhealthy consumption pattern, which is not in line with our basic values. We want to change that. we want to contribute to a healthier consumption pattern and a reduced clothing production.
  • We will also launch second-hand sales in all our stores. This means that our customers can turn in their used PO.P outerwear in any store (in exchange for a voucher) and we resell them.


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