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How To Dress Your Baby For Winter


November 8, 2019 by Polarn O. Pyret

How to dress your baby in winter

When you take your baby out on a chilly winter’s day, it’s only natural to believe they need a lot of clothes, but try not to dress your baby too warmly. Gently feeling the back of your baby’s neck is the best way to find out how warm they are. If their neck feels sweaty, it’s time to remove a layer of clothing. But if it feels cold, you should add a layer. While a baby’s hands and feet are often slightly colder than the rest of their body, they should obviously not feel too cold.

This is what we suggest for a normal winter’s day:

1. Layer 1 – the clothes next to the skin that keep the body dry. 
A bodysuit and tights/long johns made of cozy wool that absorbs and releases moisture.
2. Layer 2 – the clothes that keep the body warm. 
Trousers and top or an all-in-one in fleece or wool.
3. Layer 3 – the clothes that keep the cold and wind out. 
A warm winter overall in a windproof fabric that protects your baby from the wind and damp.
4. Hat

A helmet hat in wool is sufficient if your baby has a padded overall with a hood or is lying in a sleeping bag.
5. Mittens
If your baby’s hands are already protected by the foldover cuffs of their overall or by their sleeping bag, they won’t need mittens. But if it’s really cold outside, your baby may need mittens as well.
6. Slippers/socks
A pair of wool socks, fleece slippers or pram shoes will keep your baby’s feet cozy.

Feeling the back of your baby’s neck is the best way to find out how warm they are

When is it too cold to go outside?

Young babies don’t have the same ability to regulate their body temperature as adults, so don’t take your baby outside if it’s extremely cold. But there are no hard and fast rules – it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you and your baby. Remember to factor in damp air and wind chill when you make your decision, as it feels much colder when the wind blows in winter. And very damp air can also chill your baby.


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