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Baby Summer Guide


June 2, 2019 by Jeanette Rivera

How to dress your baby in summer

Newborn babies are not able to regulate their body temperature in the same way as adults. This is why you should avoid exposing your newborn baby to very hot or very cold weather.

If your baby’s chest and neck feel sweaty, they are too warm and it will be time to remove a garment. It makes good sense to dress your baby in thin layers in the summertime. Dress your baby in the number of layers that feels right to you, and then you can remove or add a layer as necessary.

This is what we suggest for a warm summer’s day:

  • A lightweight, long-sleeved cotton top/bodysuit and full-length cotton trousers
  • Baby blankets of various thicknesses, to put on and take off as the temperature changes

Please remember that babies under 12 months should always be kept out of direct sunlight. Have a wonderful and cool summer in the shade!

Newborn babies need to wear something on their head in spring and summer too, for protection against sunlight!


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