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How to dress your child in winter


November 8, 2019 by Polarn O. Pyret

Are you unsure how to dress your child for winter? In this guide, we’ve collected all our best tips about the childrenswear you need for cold and snowy winter days. Dress your child to keep them warm, dry and happy all winter long – whatever the weather!

Your child needs clothes that are adapted to the weather, the wind and their activity. If you dress your child according to the layering principle, they will be ready for any possible weather! The layering principle consists of three layers: 

Layer 1: The clothes next to the skin that keep the body dry. We recommend a thermal layer made of soft and cosy wool, which absorbs and releases moisture.

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Layer 2: If it’s really cold, you can add a middle layer for extra warmth. We recommend an insulating wool terry jacket, stretch fleece or ordinary fleece.

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Layer 3: The outer layer that keeps warmth in, and wind, rain and snow out. We recommend a wind and waterproof jacket + winter trousers, or an overall, with lightweight and flexible padding that allows your child to play freely. 

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Accessories: A thicker and windproof hat is cosy when it’s really cold. Padded mittens/gloves or thin wool mittens/gloves as Layer 1 under padded mittens/gloves. We recommend a neck warmer in soft wool or fleece around the neck.

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When you’re a first-time parent, it can be difficult to know what you should keep in mind in colder weather. Here you can read more about how to dress your baby in winter and learn more about the layering principle.


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