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I Wanna Be A Robot!


October 18, 2013 by Polarn O. Pyret

What do you do when you hear those sweet words come out of your little ones mouth, “I wanna be a robot for Halloween!”

All I could find in the party depot and Halloween sections of the department store were super heros and princesses, so it looked like, it was time to get creative! My son loves a good art project with the best of them, so it wasn’t hard to get him enthused about rummaging through the recycling bin and taking a trip to Home Depot for a few supplies to make our own Do-It-Yourself Robot.

First You Will Need:
-a sizeable box to fit over your child’s shoulders
-silver metallic spray paint
-some random bottle caps
-silver ducting (about 2-3 ft worth)
-anything that inspires you for a hat, we used a cardboard molding that at one point, held a printer inside it’s box.
-box cutter (for adults only!)
-shipping tape or duct tape
-hot glue gun
-round head fasteners
-wire cutters


1. Take all the tape and adhesives off of your box and mark up the arm slots and head circumference to your child’s body. Start taping the box flaps back down to fit your child’s shoulders, and cutting off the flaps that are unneeded. Make sure your arm slots are just wide enough for your child’s arm to move up and down, but not so wide that the ducting will fall right out. The ducting should be able to slide into place and stay!


2. Cut out the slots you have drawn, and double check the fitting.

3. Find a well ventilated area (we went to the backyard), put down some newspapers or extra cardboard on the grass, and spray paint your pieces (including the hat). Wait 15-30 minutes before spraying a second layer of paint, and another 1-2 hours before bringing the pieces inside to decorate.

4. Cut the ducting to your child’s arm length. You may or may not need wire cutters for this job.

5. Slide the ducting into the slots and duct tape around the inside for a softer “inseam”.ducting

buttons6. Hot glue some bottle caps to the box for “buttons”, and pierce wholes in wider bottle caps to attach to the box with the fasteners for “knobs”. This is usually the part where the children dig right in and create the robot of their choice! Use permanent markers to label your buttons, add small details or give your robot a name.

Ps. For a little extra sidewalk decor, we used painters tape to cut out a funky robot design and spray paint our pumpkins with the tape covering the middle of the pumpkin. Super cute!

The finished product:



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  1. Linda Potter says:

    What a great idea!
    Loved the silverized pumpkin too!!

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