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It’s the Clothes


March 1, 2013 by PO.P Press

By Anne Hart

Full disclosure: If someone asked me to describe my least favorite activity, it would be shopping in a crowded, busy store. For that reason alone, I try my very best to avoid malls the entire month of December.

So, what is it about Polarn O. Pyret that gets me excited enough to plan my day around various sample sales? That’s easy. It’s ALL about the clothes. Not the pure existence of them, no. It’s much more than that. These clothes have personality. If it’s possible for T-shirts to have a sense of humor, these do. Pants and socks with a groovy attitude? Yup. We have the rest of our lives to wear “grown up clothing.” I think kids should wear shirts covered in popsicles, neon trucks or brightly colored stripes. Being a child is an amazing, wonderful, rich experience of imagining, learning, seeing and doing. While you’re chasing ants across the deck, prepping the garden to plant this year’s bulbs, sliding down a snowy hill, PO.P clothes show off kids spirit and love of life, while keeping up with them!

Up until recently, we didn’t have a PO.P store in our area. (it’s opening in a few months – yahoo!) So, my experience with the brand was left to online purchases or these incredible sample sales. Sales were the only way to “experience” the clothes. Crazy? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely. Picture bins filled to bursting with delectable colors, whimsical patterns, and utterly ingenious design features. Oh yeah, and all this cool stuff is on crazy sale! My head was spinning.


Sample Sale in Wellesley, Mass.

As I’ve become more familiar with the brand, its sizing and the styles my daughter favors, I’ve started being a bit more strategic about what I’m looking for. PO.P’s leggings are the greatest. So, I hoped to find a few to mix and match for preschool next year. Success! Amidst the controlled chaos, comes a sense of camaraderie. I overheard several moms, unknown to each other, offering size suggestions, color ideas, and passing items around. One fellow shopper showed me a dress that she loved, but didn’t come in her daughters size, would I like it? Yes, please! Throw in some fun T’s, and a great pair of corduroy pants, and I was ready to call it quits.

I left with a smile on my face, some fun new clothes for my daughter to love, and be loved in, and excitement for the next Sample Sale!

*a huge thank you is deserved by those folks who organize and pack up all these clothes. What a job!

Anne lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts, with her husband and daughter. She is also a Polarn O. Pyret Brand Ambassador.

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