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It’s Not Just a Shoe, It’s Kavat


March 24, 2015 by Polarn O. Pyret

7332717148878Kavat represents Scandinavian design at its best with a focus on quality and functionality in every step. Today the 4th straight generation is active in there shoe factory. The Kavat concept exists for the individual who seeks a personal experience. Their language is footwear, a universally understood lexicon of passion and craftsmanship. Fine materials and painstaking attention to detail make our products desirable on weekdays, weekends, or one-off occasions. Simply something to be proud of.


Kavat stands for high quality in all aspects. The choice of material, the classic design and craftsmanship makes their shoes last over time.


Kavat shoes are manufactured with great attention to the environment. Their production is constantly working on reducing environmental impacts, and always strive to adhere to the guidelines and directives that the EU has set for its official Ecolabel.



Waterproof models, consistently perfect fit, washable shoes, all season leather – what else can we say?


Joy and a reliance on the shoe quality and function are feelings that Scandinavian’s associate with the brand Kavat.


Through out Kavat’s history, innovation has been a big part of the brand. There were the first to put Velcro on children’s shoes in Sweden, first in Sweden to use waterproof leather, and the world’s first brand to have eco-labeled children’s shoes. Through being “Kavat” – translates in English to “BRAVE!”, they feel that innovation comes automatically. They’d rather live one step ahead, than two steps after.


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