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Keep Warm Layer by Layer


September 30, 2016 by PO.P Press


Our range of outerwear is designed with warmth and comfort in mind.
Layering retains heat, leads moisture away from the body and keeps rain and snow at bay. Add or remove a layer when there is a change in weather or activity levels.



Merino wool or polyester base layers will lock in warmth next to the skin much better than cotton ever will. Good thermal layers should lead cold moisture away from the skin, and wool and polyester do the job perfectly. Look out for our kids thermals designed to look like everyday clothing, not just underwear, so they can do a good job inside and out this winter. Shop Layer 1 Outerwear >



Made of hi-tech breathable fleece or wool, they retain heat yet release moisture. If the garment is not breathing, or wicking away moisture the body can quickly turn cold.
Fleece and wool terry are ideal fabrics and they are easy to care for too. Wear with layers 1 and 3 when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Shop Layer 2 Outerwear >



Children’s outerwear should be highly durable and withstand any possible weather in order to handle outdoor play & adventure. Our Outer Layer fabrics are wind & waterproof, yet highly breathable. They hold in heat while feeling light and airy. Wear with layers 1 and 2 when temperatures drop below freezing for the best protection against the cold. Shop Layer 3 Outerwear >


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