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Little Braveheart Contest


May 31, 2013 by PO.P Press


It’s Our 2nd Annual Little Braveheart Contest! Summer is the time for exciting new adventures. The smallest adventure could be the biggest thing in a young life. What is the bravest thing your child has done? Maybe it was pulling out a tooth, sleeping in a tent, holding a spider, tasting a sardine, jumping off a diving board or opening their eyes under water. Brave little things that made them proud, happy and bigger. Tell us about your child’s brave summer adventure and win.

Your Assignment

Tell us about your child’s bravest summer adventure–this year or in a previous year. Upload a photo if you like.

The Prize

The Little Braveheart submission runs from June 1 until June 21. After that, photos may no longer be submitted, but voting will continue until June 28. The winner will be selected by the number of votes from our Facebook fans. Polarn O. Pyret reserves the right to remove any material not appropriate for our brand. Only U.S. residents may enter. You may submit more than one entry. We reserve the right to use the story for Polarn O. Pyret’s marketing material.

Check out a few of the entries from last year.



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