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Napping Outside


March 4, 2013 by PO.P Press

In most Scandinavian countries, you will find prams (the kind with big wheels to drive over snow) parked outside houses, restaurants, shops and preschools with bundled-up children inside, fast asleep. Many parents in Northern Europe feel that sleeping outdoors helps children rest better and keeps them free of extra germs during the long winter months when most tend to migrate indoors.

Around this time of year, this very conversational topic (especially for us American parents) finds its way into the news and blogs and sparks some very interesting discussions and often debate. Perhaps once parents concede to the idea, it might catch on here at home….if nothing more than just keeping the window open during a winter nap. The most recent article we read this weekend was from BBC News discussing that sleeping outside might actually keeps children healthier during the winter.



Photos by Jenny Brandt

The Scandinavians believe there is “no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” (This is our favorite motto, too.) Children are layered in the appropriate outerwear for the temperature, swaddled and left to enjoy the fresh air as they slumber.


From Finland’s Ministry of Labour

Even the country of Finland’s Ministry of Labour, recommends in its “Having a Baby in Finland” brochure that nap time be outside and provides a diagram of how to dress your babe in the cold temps.

Would you let your kids sleep outside or do you? Do you think kids are healthier as a result?


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