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What do you need on the ski slopes?


October 29, 2018 by Polarn O. Pyret

You may be lucky enough to be going skiing this spring. But what clothes do kids need on the ski slopes? We have a list of must-haves to keep them warm and dry all holiday long. Further down there’s a quick clothes guide that you can easily capture as a screenshot and save on your phone.

Ski slopes clothes list:

Layer 1: thermal layer that wicks away moisture. We recommend our wool underwear. Also take thin wool socks that don’t bunch up inside ski boots.

Layer 2: a cozy middle layer in fleece or wool terry keeps children warm all day.

Layer 3: for younger children, who may not be spending as much time on the slopes, a winter overall is practical. And for slightly older children, we recommend a set of winter jacket and winter trousers. If the sun is shining and the children get hot, it’s easy to undo/take off the jacket. Our jacket also has a small pocket for a ski lift pass. The trousers have adjustable cuffs that are easy to pull over ski boots. They all have 360-degree reflectors as well, so children are visible when it begins to get dark.

Hat and gloves: waterproof gloves that are also warm are important on the ski slopes. It’s good to be able to tighten the opening, so no snow gets inside. They should also be easy to wear while you adjust your ski boots. A balaclava is a good idea in very cold conditions. A lightweight hat is better in milder weather.


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