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NEW Merino and Wool Arrivals!


August 14, 2017 by Polarn O. Pyret

Happy, warm and dry children

Is there anything more wonderful than children playing outside in the fresh air – whether it be a clear autumn day or a crisp day in December. Even when it is cold outside, however, children actively playing outdoors, easily get sweaty. To prevent the child from getting cold, moisture must be be wicked away from the body. A wool base layer keeps the child’s body warm and dry. Polarn O. Pyret’s wool base layer is made of soft merino wool that does not itch. Wool is particularly appropriate for newborns and small children since they are unable to regulate temperature in the same way as older children and adults.

Merino is a highly functional natural product. It is a breathable layer which wicks away moisture from the skin. We recommend that this layer be worn as the base layer next to the child’s skin. Merino absorbs perspiration from the skin and releases it into the air. This means your child will never feel damp and cold since moisture between skin and layering piece is reduced. Babies in particular can benefit from wearing Merino wool as they are not as adapt at regulating their own body temperature as are older children and adults. Unlike cotton, Merino wool retains warmth when wetkeeping your children happy, warm and dry at all times.

Merino is different in quality that traditional wool that some of us may be used to — Merino does not deliver the experience of a handmade bulky knit wool sweater. Nor does it have the odor that such a sweater carries. Each merino wool fiber has a silky outer layer, creating an extremely soft, pleasant wearing experience. Because Merino has such a fine hand feel it is safe and comfortable to wear for babies and children who may have eczema and skin sensitivities. We realized at Polarn O. Pyret that many children are sensitive to the feeling of seams against their skin so we have designed all our Merino wool items with anti-chafe seams.

Our Merino wool is also extremely easy to care for as it is washable and can be tumbled dried. We recommend washing your Merino on a wool or cooler setting and tumble drying at a low dryer setting. Our Merino will retain its shape and quality washing after washing and be an item that subsequently can be passed on to another sibling or friend or sold on the second hand market.

Polarn O. Pyret pledges that the Merino wool used in our products is delivered in the most humane manner possible which preserves the rights of the sheep involved in this process. Treating animals in a painful manner is unacceptable and something that we reject. We have an animal welfare policy that says that animals should be protected from unnecessary suffering. The policy is a part of our supplier agreements where we make demands on our suppliers and require them to make demands backwards in the supply chain as we do not purchase raw materials ourselves.

The wool we have today originates from South Africa, and South America, but also to some extent from Australia. When we buy wool from Australia, we require certification just because there have been problems with conditions in Australia before, mainly about mulesing. We do not accept mulesing and require certificates to prove all the wool is mulesing free.

Wool innermost layer and mid layer

We offer wool both as the first layer against the body and as a wool blend mid layer to help ensure dry, happy and warm children.

Did you know that:

  • A wool base layer keeps children warm – even if the wool gets damp.
  • A baby’s body has difficulty regulating temperature. Wool is perfect as the innermost layer since it helps regulate temperature.
  • Wool blends are perfectly suited as the mid layer (layer 2).

If you have any questions about our Merino wool products, please do not hesitate to email us at


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