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New Print Names


February 26, 2013 by PO.P Press

We were delighted to host our first contest last month where customers had the opportunity to choose product names for our Swedish spring patterns and prints. What we enjoyed most was reading all the creative names that both parents and children submitted online and in stores. After looking through all the fantastic name choices, we chose our favorites for the four prints: A: Teddy Dunk; B: Alphadoodle; C: Robo Buddy; D: Vrroomm


A: Teddy Dunk; B: Alphadoodle; C: Robo Buddy; D: Vrroomm

“Teddy Dunk” and “Alphadoodle” are available for purchase now, “Robo Buddy” and Vrroomm” will be part of our second Spring collection, available online in March.

Our Limited Edition prints are cherished in Scandinavia each year, and we hope our American customers will fall in love with the bold colors and Swedish-inspired landscape patterns and playful front prints. Each season you’ll find Ts, leggings, underwear and socks in these patterns, but we can’t promise that they’ll be around very long.

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