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New Windfleece Colors Delight


July 29, 2013 by PO.P Press

One of things we get excited about here at Polarn O. Pyret is the arrival of outerwear. We know that for many parents, buying rain gear, fleeces and hoodies signals the end of the summer vacation and the beginning of the changing weather that comes with back to school. Notice we didn’t say “bad weather” because there is no bad weather with the right clothing.

We’re excited this fall as one of our best-selling items, the WindFleece Jacket, comes in three new colors–Mineola, Topaz and Acia.


The WindFleece Jacket is a perfect middle layering for winter months (as it is both wind and water proof) or as a top layer for fall and spring–a definite must-have item on your back to school shopping list. New this year is a pile fleece in two colors that makes for a great second layer or just a cozy top layer. Please note that this fleece is not windproof or water-resistant like our WindFleece Jacket.

For our long-standing customers who have purchased these in previous years, please note a few improvements in the fit for the recent collections of outerwear.



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