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February 22, 2017 by Polarn O. Pyret


In the right clothes, you can play outdoors all year round.
Here are tips for three fun games.

What you need: Pieces of paper, pencils and lots of energy for running
Each player gets one or more pieces of paper and writes the name of an object on each piece of paper. The pieces of paper are placed in a pile or in a container if you have one. The players divide into two teams. One person from each team takes one piece of paper; these two players set off at the same time to find the object that is written on their piece of paper. The first player to come back with their object gets one point. Continue until everyone has had the chance to run to find an object. The winners are the team with the most points!

What you need: Some good “treasures” to hide
Divide yourselves into two teams: Red Rose and White Rose. A treasure is hidden – such as a really cool stone. One team (e.g. White Rose) begins by hiding their treasure – everyone in the team should know exactly where the treasure is hidden. The other team (Red Rose) have to wait somewhere out of sight. Once the treasure is hidden, the Red Rose team has to start looking for it. In order to find the treasure, they must ‘capture’ members of the White Rose team; if you’re captured, you must give a clue about where the treasure is hidden before you’re allowed to ‘escape’. When the Red Rose team finds the treasure, it will be their turn to hide their treasure.

What you need: Lots of energy for running
Tag is a game in which one player is ‘It’ and chases the other players. When they tag one of the other players, they say “Tag, you’re It” and the tagged person becomes ‘It’ instead. Now, you’ve probably played tag loads of times, so it could be fun to play it a new way. In this version, the player who is ‘It’ puts a spell on the player they tag so that player has to stand as still as a statue in a wide-leg stance. The spell is broken if an untagged player crawls between their legs. When ‘It’ has successfully put a spell on all the other players, the game begins again with a new ‘It’. But if there are a large number of players, it may be better to switch the ‘It’ after a set time. The game ends when the kids (or the parents) have had enough.


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