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Outerwear lives longer with Swedish Eco Outerwear Sponge Cloth!


November 13, 2018 by Polarn O. Pyret

In Sweden, people wash their outerwear considerably less than we do in the U.S. It simply is not good for the life of the outerwear to over-wash it. It also is not good for the environment to over-wash clothes in general.

At Polarn O. Pyret, we advise our customers that once you have washed one of our waterproof garments more than approximately 50 times, the “waterproofness” of that item will start to break down. A method to prevent this is by spot cleaning your outerwear with our Swedish Eco Outerwear Sponge Cloth. Watch our handy little video to understand how to use the cloth.

Briefly, you need to wet the cloth, and then spot clean the area which shows dirt. It is perfectly fine to rub vigorously as the cloth is soft and will not cause abrasion. The cloth itself will last for a long time and is easy washed in the dish washer or the washing machine along with your whites. You can wash it using bleach, if desired. We advise you to air dry the sponge cloth. The sponge cloth is made from environmentally friendly materials. You may like our sponge cloth so much that you buy an extra one and use it for kitchen clean up too. It never retains odors like a traditional sponge. Another benefit is that the sponge cloth sold by Polarn O. Pyret is considerably less expensive ($2.99) than comparable products sold on Amazon. Happy spot cleaning!


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