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Play With Patterns


March 20, 2013 by PO.P Press

By Julia Angel, Boys Be Cool

Emboldened by fresh winds of spring, we are ready to sass up our hibernating style and begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic of bold colors and patterns. Polarn O. Pyret – our trusted supplier of buttery soft, comfy pieces in pupil-spinning array of colors and patterns is the place to kick off this transformation. Boys Be Cool – boys’ centric style and shopping resource had teamed up with Polarn O. Pyret for patterns’ mixing 101 and created 5 popping outfits using PO.P’s Spring 2013 collection.

Seemingly intimidating art of patterns’ mixology is actually quite simple if you follow 2 simple rules:

  1. Keep your patterns’ business within one color family, weaving your patterns and solids around the key color.
  2. Play with the scales. Large scale pattern should be complemented by daintier pattern to avoid clashing and visual chaos. Big + Small + Solid formula usually works the best.

Let the patterns’ game begin!

1. POP Playing with Patterns

1. Study in Classic Patterns’ Mixing – Plaid & Stripes

These classic patterns are surprisingly easy to mix. You can even throw in some stars or florals, as long as you work around one key color. Navy stars in this hip outfit, jazzed up by bold pops of orange, red and yellow.

2. POP LOvely Stripes

2. Jolly Stripes

Stripes are an ultimate forte and pride of Polarn O. Pyret, and we are going to use them with gusto. Deck you little fashionista in vibrant stripes of various scales and don’t shy away from wild card color combos, such as cobalt and orange.

3. POP Sporty Cool

3. Casual Cool

Layering bold horizontal stripes with mini vertical stripes adds sophisticated vibe to casual outfit. Polarn O. Pyret is well known in fashion forward parents’ circles for highly addictive skinnies and rightfully so. Their incredible fit and rare combination of tailored look, comfort and softness earned them a sweet spot on top of Cool Bottoms’ Mount Olympus.

4. POP Celebrating Classic Americana

4. Patterns Americana

Classic combo of red-white-n-blue will never go out of style. Pair clean cut pieces with more laid-back styles to create comfy yet put together outfits that will shine on a variety of occasions.

5. POP DRess up with a twist

5. Dressy with a Twist

He will look decisively festive and sharp in this dressy ensemble with a hip twist. Surprising pairing of slim pink jeans with classic patterned knit vest layered over crisp button-down is a fresh take on dressy outfit.

*All items used in these styling collages are by Polarn O. Pyret except for footwear and some accessories, which are listed in order of their appearance.

1. MAA sneakers, Molo Kids Scarf

2. TOMS Tiny Canvas Slip-ons

3. NEXT hi-tops, Soda Shrunk belt, River Island military boots

4. Zara sneakers and moccasins

5. Florsheim Oxford shoes, The Tie Bar knit polka bow tie

Julia Angel, publisher of Boys Be Cool, is a passionate promoter of boys’ style. An international business development exec and a wanderlust queen in her former life, she was blessed with the opportunities to travel, experience different cultures, live in different and exciting places. Driven around the world by her insatiable wanderlust and curiosity she had learned to absorb and embrace different styles and fashion choices, blending and melting them into her very own cosmopolitan style, where everything is possible. She shares her formidable fashionista skills and uncanny ability to discover cool boys’ centric stuff with other parents who believe that boys and style are not mutually exclusive.


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