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Playing With Ice


February 21, 2013 by PO.P Press

By Beth Grushkin, Fuzzymama Vintage

This weekend I gathered some inspiration for outdoor play from The Kids Winter Handbook. It’s really a great book with all sorts of wintertime (both indoor and outdoor) fun. Seeing as we have no snow but frigid temps, I thought playing with ice would be very doable.

On Friday after school we gathered loads of non-glass containers to fill with water. This in itself was fun –brainstorming all the types of items to fill and then thinking of all the frozen shapes they would make.  We found paper and plastic cups, muffin tins, tupperware bowls, take out lids, and empty boxes from baby wipes. It’s a great time to raid the recyclables bin!  We filled all the items to the rim with water…and waited!!   The boys kept checking out the window, but really it took several hours for everything to freeze solid.

The next morning both boys could not wait to get outside to begin.  All the shapes easily released from their containers, and we had the perfect shapes to build a city! The addition of some snow for packing would have made it easier to stack the ice higher. Even in super cold temps, the boys were happy to stay outside and experiment with all the pieces of ice.  This led to a bit of exploration around the yard to see what other, more naturally occurring ice shapes they could find.  Next time we plan to add some food coloring to the water first.  We should be able to make some really stunning sculptures!
Beth lives just outside of Chicago with her husband and two young boys. She divides her time thoughtfully between hanging out with her family and gathering finds for her vintage etsy shop. She is thrilled to begin pursuing her Montessori teaching certificate this Spring. She is also a Polarn O. Pyret Brand Ambassador.


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