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PO.P Goes to Camp


March 12, 2013 by PO.P Press

Children today often do not have enough opportunities to play, explore and take risks like past generations. Summer camp, whether it’s overnight camp or day camp, provides children with a chance to explore the world and take risks in a controlled and nurturing setting. Kids can develop independence and experience things that they may not be able to experience at home.

As you get your kids ready for camp, be sure to share stories about your camp experiences. Involve them in shopping for camp, and let them help with the packing. Kids should connect with camp by reading through the information, watching the DVD or talking to the counselors ahead of time. Acknowledge the possibility of homesickness and talk about how to deal with that–write letters, email home, etc. Have your kids sleep over at a friends or relatives house so this won’t be their first time away from home.

When you start to plan for camp, we recommend you don’t wait until the week before camp to shop for all the items on your list, which we know is very long! Once you receive the list from your camp, start getting organized and shopping right away so you’re not frantic the week before. We have all the clothing items you need for camp—everything from swimwear to outerwear and all the essentials in between.


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