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What are PO.P Originals?


February 18, 2015 by Polarn O. Pyret

pop collage

retro pop II What is the most stripey thing in Sweden? Neither tigers, nor zebras like showing off their stripes anymore. Prisoners don’t wear stripes, nor do sailors. So where have all the stripes gone? Well, actually, some very special stripes are still going strong. And they have stayed the same since 1976.

pop stripes
pop accessories
We are proud to reintroduce these Classic Stripes to you again along with some new renditions on the stripe with the introduction of our PO.P Originals Collection! PO.P Originals encompasses all the Classic Stripe items we have known, loved, and worn since 1976 as well as stripey pieces with new elements to them which we hope you will all enjoy. These new stripey pieces will just be around for a season so don’t let them get away! Think stars and stripes, stripes and bunnies, stripey rattles and stripey little slippers! To compliment your stripes, we also have a wonderful palette of red, white, and blue basics in our PO.P Originals Collection from rain wear to simple white Eco Ts, that lots of kids need for school. In a nutshell, PO.P originals is all about stripes and the best in basics. We think it is a nice combination and hope you will too!


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