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Polarn O. Pyret Joins Lil’Stylers


May 28, 2014 by Jenny Lonnstam


Polarn O. Pyret is pleased to share a new, cool, and easy app that allows parents like us to shop for styles that are unique, fashionable, andLS-iPhone1-w trusted  by other parents like us! 

Lil’Stylers is an app only available for iPhone users, but website can be used on Tablet and other devices, where parents can take pictures of their kids and tag the brand of clothing their child is wearing. After one tags a specific brand it links the user up to the brand to shop the newest fashions and outerwear! What better way to share and find the best in children’s clothing?

Lil’Stylers was founded by both Eric Dillon and Kirti Baliga in 2013.  We asked Kriti a few questions about how Lil’Stylers was developed —


Where did the idea come from, to develop a new shopping discovery service for kids? We felt that shopping for kids clothes was very uninspiring. Moms are very well aware of all the big retailers such as H&M, Zara, GAP etc. But there are these thousands of great kids clothing brands that exist which offered fresh collections at a great price, but couldn’t reach their target audience at scale. We wanted to create a mobile platform that would help moms discover these brands on the go and make shopping fun and inspiring. At the same time, how many times have you heard “Where did you get this”? Well now, the answer is there in Lil’Stylers. Each picture contains tags with the brand for the clothes kids are wearing. We wanted to create a unique platform that was just dedicated to kids fashion and style, which definitely didn’t exist beforeLil’Stylers


Lil’Stylers moms and brands represent a wide variety of countries around the world, was this intentional or did this fan base develop on its own?
We have over 50% users from United States, followed by Europe, Brazil and Asia. While our focus remains to grow in United States, we also have a great international following. We work with a lot of international brands that are trying to reach customers in different countries. We are building a strong community of moms who love to dress their kids. Style has no boundaries and Lil’Stylers has become a go to app for busy moms who can follow recommendations from other moms and discovering trendy clothes for their kids.


You have just launched the Lil’Stylers website associated with the app, what new features do you plan on unwrapping in the coming future?
Launching a new website along with some cool new features has been a big milestone for us. We want to make shopping as convenient as possible.  Through an app you can  post a pic of your kid, follow other moms and discover some great brands and  style trends. Here are some latest developments with this launch:

-Updated look to make it easier to interact with other parents in the community.

-Brand tags on the pictures are active – simply tap to navigate and explore.

-Latest collections are now available to shop from the top of your feed:   check out the Orange Shopping bag!

We will continue to add more exciting features to make shopping fun and easy through the pictures.



Polarn O. Pyret loves the idea that this app catches kids in action, playing and doing what kids do best. Testing our clothes on the playground is the best venue we could hope for. This app shows that parents’ agree with both PO.P’s functional and fashionable principles. We hope you share your children’s PO.P clothes on Lil’Stylers!

Download the app here.


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