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Rainbow Project: Danny


July 1, 2016 by Polarn O. Pyret

Danny always knew he wanted to be a dad and after meeting the love of his life 10 years ago - they quickly decided to grow a family together. Today they have adopted 3 children and live a happy LGBT family life in Florida. 

DANNY (@Danny120378)

When did you decide to have children? How was the process?
I always knew I would be a dad from as far back as I can remember. Being gay, I knew it wouldn't be easy. I met my other half 10years ago & it is something we discussed in the very beginning & he was open to the idea, 3 years later we got married legally & a year after that adopted our first, Sebastian, at birth through a private agency. 

Is 3 the lucky number or would you like to keep growing the family?
Yes 3 is the lucky number for us. We definitely feel complete & our bonded family of 5 is great! 

Is there a story behind the kids names?
Well the truth is before our first son, we where getting a little girl & her name chosen was Sloan that now we have recycled & used for our French bulldog puppy now a year old. So we came up with Sebastian because we both loved the name & all the nicknames that can come from it like Bash & Sebs. Our little one, London, now 3 years old, that was her name given to her by her birth mother & same goes for David 2 years old. 



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