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March 21, 2013 by PO.P Press

T Camp

The camp experience isn’t limited to overnight camps. Kids can begin experiencing camp life (hiking, creeking, camp songs, games) at day camp as early as age 3. Even for the preschoolers, camps can do something school cannot. It gives kids a much-less-structured place to learn and play. If your kids are in preschool and they get used to the routine of getting up and going off to school, no matter how many days a week, the summer break can be a battle after a few weeks of nothing.

If you are considering camp, we recommend you not wait too much longer as registration is currently underway in most parts of the country for day camps. Even if your child is only going to be attending day camp for a week or two, do your research now and talk to other parents before you send in the first payment. A few things to consider include:

  1. Price. Camp prices can run the gamut. Decide what your budget and find a program to fit your needs.
  2. Age of other kids. Make sure there are enough campers around your child’s age so he/she will feel comfortable and be able to make friends.
  3. Age and experience of counselors. Counselors who are too young may not be experienced with the needs of younger kids so talk to parents in your community and call the camp to get information on who will be looking after and leading your children on their adventures.
  4. Outdoor vs. indoor. Indoor camps are nice solution to get your kids out of the heat, but there is a great benefit to having your kids outside playing, especially since kids are often not bothered by the heat like adults.
  5. Child’s interest: horses, scouting, ballet, swimming, rock climbing, etc.
  6. Proximity to home, work or other family. If a camp is across town and involves a 45-minute drive for a 3-hour morning camp, it may not be worth it.

Remember that summer is about having fun, and camp is a wonderful way for your kids to interact and play with a whole new set of friends.



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