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Signs of Spring


April 22, 2013 by PO.P Press

By Beth Grushkin, Fuzzymama Vintage


We like to get outside as much as possible–rain, cold, or winds usually can not deter us. This week as major thunderstorms have taken up the bulk of the day here in the Midwest, its been a challenge. We’ve tried to sneak bits of outside play here and there. A reprieve from the lightning after school gave us a chance to get out. We did not have to stray far. With a camera in tow, we went on a little scavenger hunt around the neighborhood to find signs of new life.

It’s fun to pick a theme for your walk–something specific to look for. We decided on “NEW”–so we looked for things that have just popped up in the last few days. The boys looked around our yard, our neighbors yards, the empty lot at the end of street. A magnifying glass might be great to have! Although kids are great at picking out even the teeniest of nature’s jewels.

scavenger3 scavenger2

A scavenger hunt can last as long –or as short–as needed. Its super for all ages and stages. For themes you can pick a certain color, look for signs of animals, do a little birdwatching, look for nature that is NOT growing on the ground. Photos can be taken to document your finds—you can even put together a little scrapbook of all of your scavenger hunts, paint pictures of what you have found–the possibilities are endless!

Beth lives just outside of Chicago with her husband and two young boys. She divides her time thoughtfully between hanging out with her family and gathering finds for her vintage etsy shop. She is thrilled to begin pursuing her Montessori teaching certificate this Spring. She is also a Polarn O. Pyret Brand Ambassador.


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