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October 30, 2014 by Jenny Lonnstam

pop loves sockerbit

Polarn O. Pyret is celebrating Halloween this year with lots of Swedish treats and not too many tricks! Come join us in-store from Halloween day itself thru Sunday November 2nd at all our stores. We are serving candy from famous confectioner Sockerbit. We will have wrapped candies for all and for those who come dressed in costumes to our stores we will scoop you a little bag from our candy jar! Adults too can join in the fun! We also have a contest on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win a special gift box of assorted Sockerbit candy and set of PO.P classic stripes. Find contest details at

Candy has a long and special tradition in Sweden. Saturday is actually THE candy day in Sweden, or as the Swedes say “Lördags Godis” (Saturday Candy).

Starting in the 1950s, a new tradition began to fill a bag with candy over the weekend. Almost every grocery store, gas station and convenient store has rows and rows of loose weight candy. Each flavor is properly displayed in closed bins for you to randomly choose with a scoop. Some stores have up to 800 different kinds of candy to choose from. Everything from liquorish, gummies, chocolates, fudge, sweet, salty and savory. All with natural colorings and no GMO additives. Candy in Sweden is no joke, they mean business! Nearly 100 million bags of candy are sold each year.


In 2010, Stefan Ernberg and his wife Florence Baras decided to spread this Swedish sweetness and opened the doors to Sockerbit, located in New York City’s West Village. People raved about all their delicious treats and soon were voted best candy store in 2011. Earlier this year, Sockerbit expanded to Los Angeles, bringing Swedish candies coast to coast.

So if you’re curious about these goodies- remember to head over this weekend starting on Halloween Friday to sample some treats.

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Have a Sweet and Happy Halloween!


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