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Socks for All Ages


April 13, 2014 by Polarn O. Pyret

I never realized the true importance of comfortable and functional essential garments, such as socks, until I became a parent. It is amazing how the differences in a sock’s make and style can affect little feet! Having a four-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl, I have experienced the trial and error of sock purchases (and returns) and believe that now, I have the process down to a science. Hopefully I can save future parents some grief!

With the Essential Sale in full swing, this is the best time to stock up on all those socks, underwear, and undergarments that your child will need for a fun-filled summer.

Polarn O. Pyret Newborn Socks0 – 12 months
The littlest feet of all are incredibly hard to find socks for that will Stay On! Sure there are some very cute socks out there in this size, but they are useless when one gets lost on the street every other day. Polarn O. Pyret has battled this epidemic with Staple Newborn Socks that are ribbed to fit every variation of first born foot, as well fold-up cuffs for more or less coverage depending on the weather and how the baby is growing!

Polarn O. Pyret Boys Socks1-3 YRS
Once your baby takes his or her first step, there are so many things added to a parents to-do list. Along with baby-proofing, extra supply of band-aids, and charging the digital camera for instantly capturing moments; is purchasing Anti-Slip Socks. These socks will save you and your first-time walker many bumps, bruises and anxiety over slippery surfaces, and obstacles.

2-5 YRS
As your child grows and begins to learn new skills he will soon want to be able to dress himself, put on his own shoes, and his own socks. If your child is anything like mine, socks will be the toughest of the clothing articles to master. My son found that PO.P socks did the trick. Most PO.P designed socks have a contrasting colored heal and toe, which is what helps a child determine the direction a sock goes on their foot! So stick with fun multicolored socks at this age and your child will master socks and shoes in no time!Polarn O. Pyret Monster Socks

Polarn O. Pyret Essential Sale4 – 12 YRS
Playgrounds, Soccer, Softball, and Skiing; this age range is full of friends and activities! That’s why PO.P designed socks that are both stylish and functional for the busiest of kids. From Peds (Ankle Socks) to Knee High Merino Wool Socks – perfect for chilly ski trips; this is the time to start adding a variety of socks for seasons and activities that will keep your child comfortable and hip around her friends. And guess what, they are all on sale now until April 13th in the Essentials Sale! Buy Any 3 Essential Items for the Price of 2! And don’t worry if you missed the sale this time around. It’s Biannual! Keep an eye out for the Essential Sale again around the holidays.


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