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My Sprouting Trio


May 27, 2014 by PO.P Press

By Stroller In The City Blogger, Brianne

I am in constant awe at how big my children are getting. When I look through my photos, I just cannot get over how quickly these precious childhood moments are passing us by. In our house, we still refer to Gemma as “the baby” when clearly she is in full-on toddler stage, but I guess she will always be the baby in our eyes. I just packed last week for our trip to Turks & Caicos and couldn’t believe how most of Siella’s summer clothes from last year now fit Gemma. Ryder too continues to sprout into this long and lean little man, and I am finding month after month his pants soon become capris. I ask myself frequently, when did they all grow up?
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.13.24 PM
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.13.14 PM
A few weeks back I took the kids to the Upper West Side for a visit to the Museum of Natural History and afterwards stopped at one of my favorite stores, Polarn O. Pyret. I’ve been a fan of the brand for quite sometime and remember one of Siella’s first outfits ever were their signature striped onesies. With the warmer months coming up, our planned vacations, and the sprouting of my little trio, they all needed to spruce up their wardrobes. Polarn O. Pyret is a brand I look to all year round as they offer an all season selection of winter gear, rain gear, swimsuits and more.
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.13.02 PM
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Siella at nearly three years old loves fashion and is so into shopping and picking out her own outfits. She is a true girly girl and loves all dresses, skirts, and anything pink! I love to give the kids their own freedom with their personal style and try not to intervene too much, unless of course they want to wear their pajamas to school. She had no problem walking through the spacious Polarn O. Pyret shop scooping up her favorites. Gemma followed suit, but was also amused and fascinated with the awesome tunnels that are placed throughout the store, making it easy to shop with little ones in tow.
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.12.44 PM
Ryder is at an age where he sort of cares about what he wears. He may not be into shopping that much, but will have a say at what I pick out for him. He chose to play with the train table most of the time while I picked out unique pieces and he approved which ones he liked and disliked. He was really into all of the bathing suits as well as the graphic tees.
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.12.33 PMScreen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.12.20 PM
As you all know, shopping for children while actually with your children, can be quite the challenge, but I am happy to say the staff made it super easy for me, and entertained them while I was trying clothes on one child and making my selections.
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.12.06 PMScreen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.11.56 PM
What I love about Polarn O. Pyret is that they stay true to their high quality of classic styles, making all of their clothing to withstand wear and tear, and actually possible to pass down from brother to sister. The clothing is super soft and comfortable making it easy for children to move around and play as they should. The store was so welcoming with a mix of bright colors, classic stripes, and fashion prints, it was so hard to limit all of my favorites.
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.11.31 PM
Polarn O. Pyret has recently partnered with an online consignment called to help you shop guilt free. Simply fill a polka dot bag (you can pick up at any PO.P location) and fill it with your child’s outgrown clothing and place it in the mail. will place the clothing to families in need and reward you with a PO.P credit. Your credit can be used towards future purchases in all Polarn O. Pyret shops. Especially living in a small apartment, I tend to purge my children’s clothing often and have sent so many bags to thredUp. It is a super easy way to donate your used clothes and the bonus is that you will get a credit to shop for new ones.
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.11.18 PM
And I couldn’t resist these adorable coordinating pajamas for all three. I think they all secretly like matching one another, these bright colors have made our bedtime even more enjoyable! What a fun shopping day this was!

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