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Sustainability Efforts


March 14, 2019 by Katie Lawter


We’re proud of our sustainability efforts, but we intend to go much further. We aim to continue raising the bar to keep pace with scientific advancements and new opportunities that emerge, and step by step we’re moving in the right direction. We’ve set some tough goals for the future. Here are some examples of what we hope to achieve by 2020.


– By Spring 2020, 100% of all our cotton will be organic.

– By Spring 2020, at least half of our cotton garments will be GOTS certified.

– By Autumn 2020, 100% of our cotton garments up to size 80 will be GOTS certified.

Our popularity in the second-hand market is something we see as proof that our clothes are long lasting. This is why we aim to be the most searched for clothing brand on the leading second-hand websites. Since 2009, we have been the most searched for brand in our category on the Swedish website Blocket**.

Our most recent customer survey shows that 49% of our customers pass our outerwear on to at least three children and the figure for our newborn clothes is 51%. In the future, we hope that more of our clothes will make this journey.

* Excluding outerwear, layer 1, and accessories.
** Source: Blocket

We also want to…

Increase the share of ECO labelled clothing we sell. In 2016, it accounted for 32% of our total sales. In 2017 it accounted for at least 60%.  By 2020, we’d like it to be 100%!


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