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  1. What makes our UV swimwear the best?


    April 25, 2018 by Polarn O. Pyret

    Besides being wonderfully comfy and soft, our UV clothes have lots of excellent qualities! Most importantly, they all have UPF 50, which means that they give at least 97.5 percent protection against UV rays. Think of it like this – our UV clothes give your child 50 times more protection than if they had no sun protection at all.

  2. UV Sun Protection Guide for Kids


    April 17, 2018 by Polarn O. Pyret

    As a parent, it’s only natural for you to worry about the sun as summer or your sunshine holiday approaches. We want to make things as easy as possible for you, so we’ve collected some important facts and a few clever tips. We know it may seem like a lot to read, but if you spend just a few minutes now, you can enjoy yourselves all summer long!